SDP Surveys is a general practice surveying company with expertise in a wide range of surveying disciplines. We are part of SDP Consulting Engineers, a well respected civil and structural engineering organisation with vast experience in the construction industry.

Some of the surveying services we offer are listed below. If you need a survey, or a property measured or laser scanned, please call us on 01727 849500 or 07771 966132

  • Land Surveys / Topographical Surveys
  • Boundary Surveys / Boundary Disputes
  • Measured Building Surveys – Floor plans, Elevations, Sections, Reflected Ceiling Plans, etc.
  • 3D Laser Scanning / Registered Point Cloud Data
  • BIM and Revit Modelling
  • GPS Surveys / Survey Control Establishment
  • Engineering Surveys – As-Built Surveys, Setting Out, Monitoring, Post Demolition Surveys, Verticality Checks, and Site Control
  • Rights of Light Surveys
  • Verified View Surveys / Drone Surveys
  • Digital Ground Modelling / Cut and Fill Volumetric Calculations
  • Site Investigations – Underground Utility Mapping, Electrolocation and Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR), Flood and Drainage Studies
  • Structural and Condition Surveys / Pre Works Road Condition Reports

Call us on 01727 849500 or 07771 966132 for a free quotation, or click HERE to send us a message.

Topographical Surveys

A good topographical survey should be the basis of all design and site development. SDP have many years experience providing 2D and 3D survey solutions. Using modern surveying equipment and techniques, our surveyors provide highly detailed 1:100 scale plans through to 1:1250 mapping. Our surveys are used by a wide range of clients, and for a variety of purposes. The level of detail can be tailored to clients requirements and budget.

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Measured Building Surveys

We use 3D laser scanners on site to measure buildings, inside and out, as it’s the quickest and most efficient method to collect an accurate and full data set. Traditional 2D CAD plans can be generated from a scanned 3D point cloud, to a level of detail specified by the client. Whether you need basic layout plans to prove building size to planners before demolition, or highly accurate and detailed plans for the basis of architectural working drawings, SDP can delivery to your budget.  Laser scanning also gives options for further use of the 3D point cloud data for 3D modelling (Revit), BIM, and other visualisation applications.

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3D Laser Scanning

SDP Surveys have been using 3D laser scanners for the best part of 20 years, being early adopters of this technology. Most projects now include scanning in some form. In summer 2021 we invested further in a cutting edge Trimble X7 laser scanner to add to our range of surveying equipment. Our surveyors can efficiently collect millions of 3D observations in a short period of time. Using a scanner can cut out costly return visits to site, due to the completeness of the data sets typically collected. Millions of survey points can be collected in seconds, at high resolution, with real time registration on the fly, so our surveyors can check results as they go. The scanner has an onboard digital camera which can record 360 degree panoramic images at each scan location, and allows colourisation of the scan data. Full colour scan data provides a very realistic experience in CAD. The imagery can be shared online or locally via USB stick with a free viewer, giving design teams collaborative access to the site from their desktops.

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BIM & 3D Modelling

Building Information Modelling (BIM) is a process using various software tools to support the intelligent referencing of a 3D model for useful cross discipline collaboration. For example, from a 3D laser scanned point cloud of a building we can create a 3D model using AutoDesk Revit. A 3D Revit model can be a very useful tool in the entire lifecycle of a project from planning through design, construction, operation and ongoing maintenance. BIM allows project teams to work more efficiently and collaboratively.

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