BIM & 3D Modelling

Building Information Modelling (BIM) is a process using various software tools to support the intelligent referencing of a 3D model for useful cross discipline collaboration. For example, from a 3D laser scanned point cloud of a building we can create a 3D model using AutoDesk Revit. A 3D Revit model can be a very useful tool in the entire lifecycle of a project from planning through design, construction, operation and ongoing maintenance. BIM allows project teams to work more efficiently and collaboratively.

Our 3D modelling service can be tailored to clients needs and budget – in 4 levels of detail.

Level 1 – Massing: A massing model provides the geometric shape of the building without external or internal features and components. This includes the ridge height, eaves level and outline of external walls. A massing model will often be commissioned to add context to the design scene or to calculate the volume of existing buildings.

Level 2 – Structural: This enhances Level 1 by adding in structural openings and internal walls. It remains relatively simplistic in definition but meets various design and planning objectives. The service is often commissioned for rights of light studies where the precise location and dimension of windows and doors is critical. It can be commissioned as an Elevation Model where only external details are shown.

Level 3 is a commonly used specification and typically is what most Clients expect for a Revit model. Detail extends to show key architectural features and components both external and internal. It can also be commissioned just as an elevation model showing external details only.

Level 4 is our high definition modelling specification. The Client can specify from a comprehensive list of optional features with every architectural, structural, services, fit out and furniture components being fully detailed. Level 4 can be further upgraded to “BIM” ready that ensures all components possess parametric properties and contain data such as dimension, material, colour and manufacturer where known.